Customer Assurance Program


  • Dream Machines of Austin will cover any labor cost for a period of 90 days on any mechanical failures if they arise within 90 days from date of contract. Wearable items are not covered.
  • All work must be done at Dream Machines of Austin.
  • All parts must be purchased thru Dream Machines of Austin for repair.
  • Excluded manufactures as follows: Can-Am, BMW, Ducati, and any Aftermarket Trike kits. Any other makes that require dealer specific equipment for repair or motorcycles 11 years or older. 
  • Dream Machines of Austin will not reimburse for towing or offer towing service.
  • This program is non-transferrable and no cash value is associated with this program.
This plan only covers labor on the parts listed below:
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Primary Drive
  • Suspension
  • Brake System
  • Cooling System
  • Electrical System
  • Instruments and Gauges

The following components are NOT covered by this protection plan:

  • Parts that have not had mechanical Breakdown
  • Batteries, bulbs, tires, sparkplugs, anodes
  • Brake pads or shoes, Brakedrums, cables, hoses, fuses
  • Final drive chains or belts, final drive sprockets and pulleys
  • Air filters, oil filters, fluids
  • Clutch plates and related clutch components
  • Audio components, shock absorbers
  • Loose securing hardware
  • Bent forks, Bent valves
  • Stuck valves due to carbon build-up
  • Cosmetic damage such as nicks, scratches, dent, paint
  • Parts damaged due to dirty air filter or contaminated fuel
  • Clutch weights, clutch rollers, clutch pins and bushings
  • Parts damaged due to over-revving (running above red-line)
  • Mirrors, Paint, Welding joints, Frame, Gas tan